A downloadable game for Windows


WASD - Move

Mouse - Attack (Hold for more damage)

1 - Toggle Arrows

Space - Pause


Game 14 MB
Source 28 MB

Install instructions

Just extract and run, iirc.


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NB: Copy / Paste from ludum dare entry, everyone deserves to read my comment haha

Hey, I just played your game; that was quite nice. I had some issues with the toggle statement of arrows and not only press-to-cast style, but that was nice finally. I found the hitbox of the word a bit tigth, but it didn't mind me thought.

Finally, I don't know if it is the strategy you wanted, but I found that taunting them all before casting the arrow where the most effective strategy. So I get close, they all follow me, I wait for the arrows and go back to first step. Maybe it lacks of an element valorizing the sword, as a heal or a real effectiveness.

I had fun and that's all that matters ;) Thanks !